While BNB, XLM and RNDR Navigates Price Retracement, Investors Seeks Solace in this New GameFi Token

The crypto market is yet to fully recover from the recent downturn, and this is evident in the prices of some top crypto coins that have witnessed a noticeable decline. Notably, Binance (BNB), Stellar (XLM), and Render (RNDR) tokens have had their fair share of price decline over the past few weeks. In particular, the native RNDR token took the biggest hit, losing over 20% in token value over the past month. 

However, while the anticipated price resurgence tarries, savvy investors are looking in another direction. Among numerous options being considered, new presale star, Rollblock (RBLK) stands out for its innovative iGaming protocol that is set to disrupt the GameFi market.

Rollblock (RBLK) Projected To Hit $1M by End Of June

Rollblock (RBLK)’s market debut has marked a shift in the entire GameFi market and the broader crypto sphere. Notably, Rollblock carved out a new niche as a  iGamingi protocol which is a marriage of on-chain  iGaming and decentralized finance (DeFi). This way, it aims to address major challenges that have been existent in the  iGaming landscape for a long time; such issues like lack of privacy and transparency as well as poor asset storage to mention a few.

With blockchain technology at its core, Rollblock solves these problems effectively, offering a safe and secure online crypto-backed  iGame. In addition, Rollblock prioritizes users’ privacy and security of funds, whilst ensuring utmost transparency in its processes. Also, in order to provide an easily accessible platform as well as ensure customers’ privacy, Rollblock eliminates the need for KYC verification and additional downloads. And there is even more.

The native RBLK token serves as the primary asset within Rollblock’s ecosystem, and it can be used for transactions alongside 20 other cryptocurrencies. To make it more appealing, Rollblock introduces a unique revenue share model that offers added benefits for token holders. Essentially, Rollblock uses up to 30% of its weekly revenue to repurchase RBLK tokens from the open market. While half of these are burned, the other half are reserved for staking rewards. 

The Rollblock token is currently selling at a modest price of $0.014 in the third presale stage, reflecting a 40% increase from an initial price of $0.01. Having almost sold out its third presale stage, Rollblock has now raised over $780K in presale revenue, amassing 3500+ registered users concurrently, with the aim of surpassing the $1M milestone before the end of the month. This impressive presale performance coupled with its innovative offering positions RBLK token among the best crypto coins to buy in the altcoin market.

Inline with the UEFA EURO’s currently taking place in Germany, Rollblock has launched a $20k prize giveaway for its users. To win, users must give correct score predictions before the beginning of any match. Go to the platform’s X account to learn more. 

Binance Price Struggles to Break Resistance in an Attempt to Consolidate Above $600 

The past month has been quite an eventful one for Binance (BNB) price. Notably, BNB price registered a new  all-time high of about $720, before it subsequently declined by over 20% to trade a little below the $600 price mark. While the sharp downturn in Binance price can be attributed to different factors, Bitcoin’s noticeable price correction after crossing the $70K mark stood out among many. 

However, considering that a price retracement often makes a good entry point, there has been quite a growing optimism for a possible rebound in BNB price. Binance Network has announced a series of integrations that suggest an influx of activities within its network. 

Just recently, Binance announced its plan to support the Fetch AI, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET in their endeavor to merge into a unified token. This alongside other developments suggest increasing activities on the platform, potentially boosting BNB price as well as solidifying its position among top altcoins.

Stellar Price Shows Sign of Resurgence Following Recent Protocol Upgrade  

Like the majority of the altcoin in the market, Stellar (XLM) token has also had a rough month, losing nearly 20% of its token value amidst the recent market downturn. However, there appears to be a glimpse of hope following the recent announcement of its “Protocol 20” upgrade.

Despite starting of the week on a rather bad note, Stellar price trajectory exhibits signs of resurgence as XLM token have gained nearly 2% right after the announcement on the 18th of June. Given the recent bump in Stellar price, the weekly loss has now shrunk to about 5% and 16% in the past month.

Render Price Trajectory Suggests an Incoming Uptrend Despite Major Monthly Loss

Render (RNDR) did not escape the whims of the recent market upset as it registered one of the highest losses over the past month. Notably, Render price declined by over 22% in the last 30 days and roughly 10% in the past week. Things appear to be taking a new direction with what appears to be a price resurgence in the 48-hours trade analysis. 

Notably, RNDR price surged past the $8 mark after hitting its monthly lowest point somewhere around $6.9. Although it may be too soon to celebrate, the current price zone signals a support level for an incoming bull run, thereby positioning RNDR token as one of the best crypto coins to buy now.

Is Rollblock a Better Buy Compared to BNB, XLM, and RNDR Tokens?

Rollblock has gone up by 40% merely in the third presale stage, which is a testament to its profit potential. Beyond its presale, Rollblock is a pioneering project in the  iGaming niche; this alone makes it an attractive choice for forward-thinking investors. Besides, while the broader altcoin market resurgence tarries, Rollblock’s presale stands out as a better opportunity, especially factoring its affordable presale price of $0.014.

Discover the Exciting Opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Today!


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